Environmental Policy Statement
Jofama AB

Jofama was founded in Sweden in 1926. The company is Scandinavia’s largest distributor of leather and motorcycle garments. Jofama’s vision is the continued delivery of fashionable and high quality leather and textile clothing for fashion, as well as motorcycling and snowmobiling. Sustainability forms an intrinsic part of Jofama’s values which also include: behaving in a sound and ethical manner; maintaining long term working relations with clients and suppliers; producing high quality goods; providing good customer service and supporting innovative product development.

With its head office in Malung Sweden, production in Asia and sales across Europe, Jofama has an international presence and, as a result, faces a range of environmental challenges. As a private company on the international market, Jofama is aware of the need to take responsibility for the environmental aspects of activities that fall under its control. Jofama is committed to complying with statutory and other applicable policy requirements; striving to prevent pollution and continually improve the company’s environmental performance. Jofama considers environmental management to be an integral part of sound financial management.

Jofama’s objectives are:

  • Increased environmental awareness amongst staff, clients and suppliers
  • Effective management of natural resources
  • Reduced transport emissions
  • Reduced waste production and increased recycling
  • Use of materials with reduced environmental impact

Code Of Conduct

To account for the requirements and expectations we place on our suppliers, we have established a code of conduct. We wish to ensure that all who take part in the production of our articles are guaranteed their fundamental human rights.