A Century of Cutting Edge Quality Design

In 1926, the legendary entrepreneur Mr. Niss Oskar Jonsson founded JOFA in Malung, a small town in the north of Sweden with a rich history of leather manufacturing. The company quickly gained recognition for its quality sports equipment and refined leather jackets. In 1973, when Swedish auto giant Volvo bought the sports division and kept the brand name JOFA, Jonsson shifted focus entirely on leatherwear. The company was re-named Jofama, short for Jonsson’s Factories Malung.

Style, Speed and Safety – Jofama in the Present Day

Deeply rooted in fine craftsmanship tradition, Jofama today stands as one of Sweden’s most distinguished fashion houses and Scandinavia’s largest distributor of leather- and motorcycle garments. Our products can be found in 17 countries spread over Europe.

In addition to our classic leatherwear with a modern twist, we also make eco-friendly outerwear from textile materials such as wool, canvas and down. Our clothes are defined by innovation, sustainable thinking and environmental awareness. For instance, we don’t use any real fur in our collections and we try to keep the production as natural as we possibly can.

Apart from fashion, we also focus on motorcycle- and snowmobile garments under the brand name Halvarssons, Lindstrands and Jofama. Our hi-tech clothing and equipment are used by everyone from motor enthusiasts to the Swedish, Norwegian, Chilean and Czech police and military. Many of the products feature our own developed technical materials.

Combining edgy fashion for men and women with top-level equipment for an adventurous lifestyle, we feel suited for the challenges ahead.

Here’s to another 100 years of great design!

Jofama Milestones

Mr. Niss Oskar Jonsson starts the company in Malung, Sweden.

The Norwegian daughter company Jofano AS is founded. In 1998, it changes name to Jofama AS. The division is run from Kongsvinger in Norway, 180 km west of the company base in Malung, Sweden.

Swedish Volvo buys JOFA and Mr. Jonsson keeps running the leather division and changes the company name to JOFAMA.

Fredrik Mellgren and the Mellgren family takes over Jofama. In the 1990s, Jan Elfstrom and Peter Eriksson step in as co-owners.

Jofama introduces its first collection for snowmobile riders.

The fashion department starts collaborating with various guest designers. Jewelry designer Efva Attling and haute couture designer Lars Wallin are among the first. They were followed by celebrities

such as blog supernova Kenza Zouiten, artists Marie Serneholt and Andreas Carlsson and the
Norwegian blogger Kristine Ullebö.

Jofama decides to start using faux fur in the jackets. Today, no real fur is used in any collection whatsoever.

Jofama Fashion releases its latest collection, focusing on sustainable functional fabrics, RDS-certified down jackets and faux fur along with classic leather designs.